The F.L.Y. Event, First Love Yourself, caters toward young women ages 12-18. The F.L.Y. event focuses on topics such as self-awareness, etiquette, women’s health, and goal setting. We make an impact on these young lives, as well as thrive to change the trajectory of their futures by identifying and communicating the importance of living a life with purpose. We have seasoned professionals speak to the attendees along with an open dialogue to ensure all questions and concerns are covered.


The S.O.S, Sharing Our Strength, is geared towards young men ages 12-18. During this event, life lessons such as personal brand, finances, mental health and making your goals a reality are taught in an interactive way. The mentors and participants engage in activities that help bring understanding to everyday male issues. The mentors use their experiences to impart wisdom and strength into the next generation.

We Care Christmas

Let's "Make the Holidays Great."

The purpose of this project is to give gifts of joy and empowerment to families in need. Items that are given are in direct correlation with each child’s career related aspirations. Also, the families receive gift cards and boxes of food products to help assist during the holiday season.

We partner with local businesses, churches, and other community groups to help make it happen. 

If your interested in connecting with us on this giveback opportunity, feel free to contact us at

Volunteer Initiatives

Monthly we gather to volunteer in an effort to be the change that is needed in the community. We volunteer at food banks, parks, retirement homes, and homeless shelters. We empower the homeless population with food, encouragement, and needed supplies. Our social media following also allows us to host monthly initiatives to bring awareness to various causes such as breast cancer, spring cleaning, and random acts of kindness.